Prosecution exerts the criminal prosecution as well as represents the accusation in court on behalf of the state. Prosecution exerts its functions through the prosecutors.

In the exercise of their competencies prosecutors operate in accordance with the Constitution and laws. Prosecutors exert their competencies respecting the principles of a fair, equal and legal proceeding and safeguarding human rights, interests and legal freedoms.

Prosecution is organized and working under the direction of the General Prosecutor as a centralized structure, composed of the Office of the General Prosecutor, Council of the Prosecution and prosecutions at the judiciary system.

In cooperation with state institutions as well as other public and private subjects from the civil society, Prosecution organizes activities on the education of the society, awareness of the law and prevention of criminality.


Albanian proSECUTION

The prosecution exerts criminal prosecution and represents the accusation in court on behalf of the state. The aim of our work is to bring in front of justice as many criminals as possible.


"We invite every citizen having information on abuses of prosecutors and other officials in every public institution, to denounce in this e-mail address.
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