General Prosecutor Mr. Adriatik Llalla has emphasized the need of logistical assistance on projects of the European Union to fight cybercrime.

At the meeting with the monitoring group of the European Commission, which was managed by the Prof. Alessandro Simoni, Mr. Llalla praised the ongoing commitment of PAMECA in support of the Prosecution Office of Albania, as well as urged further commitment of their expertise to investigate financial crime, related to computer systems.

The Monitoring Group of the European Commission located in Tirana to evaluate the effectiveness of projects of the European Union in Albania on Monday (dated 18.01.2016), held a meeting at the general prosecutor’s office, an institution that has direct benefits of assistance from PAMECA.

PAMECA’s representatives at the meeting brought back to the attention the general object of the mission in Albania, which consists in aligning the law enforcement capacity of the Albanian institutions closer to EU standards. Among the specific objectives of the project are to improve organizational, administrative, technical and resource management capacities of the Albanian State Police "and" to improve the work of the Albanian State Police structures and the coordination with the General Prosecutor's Office and other relevant agencies.

Mr. Llalla, during the meeting, considered cybercrime an important challenge to the Albanian Prosecutor's Office, because the investigation in this direction helps in prevention and suppression of criminal offenses of computer fraud, financial crimes, as well as serious crimes, in which the alleged perpetrators tend to be coordinated through technological equipment.

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