Dear Mr. Minister of Interior,
Dear Mr. Chairman of the Security Committee of Parliament,
Dear leaders of the State Police,

The fight against crime in general and corruption in particular requires close cooperation between the Prosecution Office and the Police.This fight is a daily challenge, which requires efforts from all law enforcement institutions.

The cooperation so far has had some results in the fight against criminal groups, but also corruption.
However, we must admit that we have much to do together. We still have serious cases that require our joint commitment to solve them.
There have been some serious criminal events, which add uncertainty to the public opinion and it is very important to investigate them rapidly. This is necessary to prove that the institutions are committed to enforce the law.

Criminal groups have also the ability to penetrate in to the state offices. It is not only an Albanian phenomenon. But we have the duty to find cases where criminal elements get the support of people with power.
It is discussed the need to increase investigations of corruption into high-levels. During 2015, the Prosecution Office's investigations, in some cases with the cooperation of the police, there were arrested officials of different levels including state police officers, judges and prosecutors.

But, on the other hand, it turns out that there are no referrals from law enforcement institutions for other officials of high-level. I have discussed this concern with the Minister of Interior, the General Director of Police, the Head of the State Supreme Audit, and we consider that it takes a much larger commitment of the relevant structures in other law enforcement institutions. Anti-corruption is our greatest challenges for integration in the European Union and must face it together.

A few weeks ago it was discussed with the directors on the issues of the Judicial Police. At that meeting it was agreed to increase the number of officers of the Judicial Police, to carry out the investigation as complete in a short time. Likewise, it talked on the problems encountered.
Prosecutors are concerned about the frequent movements of officers of the judicial police, which keep down the pace of the investigation. Police directors are concerned because the investigation acts are not delegated always by the prosecutors to the officers that have referred the materials to the Prosecution.
On the other hand, in 2015 it was found a salient issue regarding expert testimony in Scientific Police. Reduced sources of human resources and technological tools have contributed to reduce the pace of the investigation.

Ministry of Interior and the General Police Directorate argued the situation with the Scientific Police about the high number of proceedings recorded last year. Naturally, the Prosecution Office concludes that there is an increased workload. However, it is very important that the relevant structures have undertaken the responsibilities to improve the service of the Scientific Police. In this way, we will continue to be more effective in fighting crime.
These issues require the intervention of the governing structures of the institutions and we are committed to treat with the utmost seriousness.
Thank you for your attention.

Albanian proSECUTION

The prosecution exerts criminal prosecution and represents the accusation in court on behalf of the state. The aim of our work is to bring in front of justice as many criminals as possible.


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